Intersex: beyond binary sex markers

  • Michael John T Timajo Southern Philippines Medical Center
  • Seurinane Sean B Española Southern Philippines Medical Center


Jeff Cagandahan was born and raised as female and was diagnosed to have congenital adrenal hyperplasia early in his 20s. When he was growing up, he developed secondary male characteristics. In 2005, the Regional Trial Court of Laguna granted Jeff his petition to change his given name at birth from Jennifer to Jeff and his recorded sex in legal documents from “female” to “male.” After a Supreme Court ruling in 2008, all his pertinent records, and legal certificates were amended. Receiving the Supreme Court ruling was the culmination of Jeff’s long process of navigating through available constructs and practical procedures in our legal and medical systems. At the center of these constructs is the notion that there are only two sexes--male and female.

Aug 31, 2018