Rabies Free Philippines 2020: are we there yet?

  • Seurinane Sean Borra Espanola Southern Philippines Medical Center


The Philippines is one of the top ten countries with rabies problem, with an estimated 200-300 deaths annually. In Davao Region, there were 16 deaths in 2013 and 22 deaths last year due to human rabies infection. Completion of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for rabies has also been a problem. In 2013, the PEP completion rate in Davao Region was 69.49%. The Philippine government started to provide all rabies vaccines for free last year, and yet, in the 2014 cohort report, the PEP completion rate dwindled to 67%.

Republic Act 9482, or the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, aims to address the country's ongoing concerns relating to rabies. It is "an act providing for the control and elimination of human and animal rabies, prescribing penalties for violation thereof and appropriating funds therefor." The law mandates the establishment of a National Rabies Prevention and Control Program (NRPCP) implemented by multiple agencies, and chaired by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) of the Department of Agriculture (DA). Read more...
Nov 12, 2015

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